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If you live in snow country and own a vehicle, you need a Snow Rake!  Used by car dealers in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest for over 15 years, the original Snow Rake snow removal tool is absolutely the finest snow and ice removal tool available.  Click on one of the small images below to see a full size view, description and pricing.

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Original Large Size Snow Rake

Personal Size Snow Rake With Sure Grip Ice Chisel

Sure Grip Ice Chisel

If snow is a part of your life, you know how ineffective snow brushes and brooms can be.  They can scratch the paint on your car and don't move heavy, wet snow at all.  Now your problem is solved!  The patented Snow Rake makes removing even the wettest, heaviest snowfall a snap.   Constructed of polyethylene foam and wrapped around a block of superior grade maple wood to solidly form the head, the Snow Rake is the safest, fastest way to clean your vehicles.  Sold exclusively in Alaska by Alyeska Promotional Products, the Snow Rake makes a terrific gift for your spouse, parent, business associate or even yourself!

Priced at $26.00 each for the large #105(18" blade with 5 foot wooden handle), and $24.00 each for the personal sized A-107(12" blade with 3 foot telescoping handle and ice chisel/ice scraper attached to handle), this will easily be the best investment you make in your vehicle this year! To purchase snow rakes, call Alyeska Promotional Products at 907-562-1400, Toll free at 1-877-659-1400, fax us at 907-562-7108 or e-mail us at